Welcome to Cool People Doing Cool Stuff, a page inspired from listening to The Mick Betancourt Show. Ya see, he does a similar thing on his podcast, which is really very good and quite inspiring at times. If you've not already listened to him, you probably should give it a try.

So, the idea with this page is to give a bit of free publicity to people I know or enjoy and who do something cool (hence the title). That's it, really. People who follow their passions, people who are doing something interesting, creative, or whatever - this is the place to find them. Word of mouth is such an important way of getting your name out there, and hopefully this page can help people who deserve it. 

I'm the one who foots the cost, so I'm the boss. Therefore, people who I deem to be doing Cool Stuff can get mentioned here -  I wouldn't go expecting to read many endorsements for Coca-Cola or butchers, for example.  Payola won't be much of a problem, I imagine, but I would like everything on here to be genuinely good. You're reading this sentence, which suggests that you have either, a) impeccable taste and judgement, or b) a bit of free-time, so I hope you like having a wee browse here. As a disclaimer, I'm not responsible for anything that appears on these external sites.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and this is something that I'd like to grow a bit, so if you know of anyone who you think should be mentioned here, get in touch!