Hopefully this will be pretty self-explanatory - on this page you'll find Cool Stuff for your eyes. So, that might be blogs, websites, that kind of thing. They might deal with different things, but one thing is sure - it's Cool Stuff, done by Cool People.


An Ocean In Between The Waves

This is a music blog, so it's a bit for your eyes and your ears. But it's a really very good music blog. Here's the author, Andrew's much more evocative description:

"Unapologetic gushing of a musical nature. On the records that have shaped his tastes, are currently rocking his world, and will take pride of place in his collection for years to come. Live reviews, profiles and features. Psych, soul, funk, punk, alt-rock, soft-rock and a whole lot more besides."

Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

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